New Car Advantages

When it comes to buying a vehicle one of the first decisions you will have to make is whether you’re going to go for a brand new model or a used car. For many people there will be nothing to think about and this will be a known fact before they even begin looking, however if you’re new to car buying or just have a general lack of experience then it might be worth doing your research to find out what will suit you best.

As with many decisions in life there are pros and cons of buying a new car so it is all about what is right for you at the current time. Of course finances will come into it too, but disregarding cost for a minute here are some of the key advantages that you will benefit from as a new car owner.

Warranty – Car manufacturers provide a warranty on all new vehicles which gives a buyer peace of mind should a number of things happen. For example if any of the components are faulty or stop working, you will be covered and receive free service from the manufacturer. Some companies offer better warranty than others and this can be a factor which comes in to play when choosing a vehicle. Kia currently offers an unrivalled 7 year or 100,000 mile package. Of course if you buy a used Kia Soul or a used Kia Sportage you won’t benefit from this and will have to cover the cost of any repairs yourself.

No MOTs – Another fact that you may or may not be aware of is that vehicles are not required to be MOT tested annually until they are three years old, which can save you a decent amount of cash depending on the car that you’re buying. Three MOTs on a second hand Mercedes M-Class could cost you up to £1,000, whereas you’ll pay nothing if you buy new.

Specify The Car You Want – Looking for a used vehicle you are limited to the choices which are on offer – basically whichever cars people are deciding to sell at the time you are looking. With a new model you can effectively have a vehicle made to order – you can choose the engine size, the trim level and any customisation options or extra features that you want.

Safety Features – Technology in cars is improving rapidly year on year and as result safety equipment which is installed as standard is becoming more and more effective. The newer your vehicle, the likelier that it will be fitted with better safety features and thus leave you better protected should you ever be involved in an accident.